"This Legal Trick Makes Women Approach You...

How a Secret Video, Hidden On a Co-workers Computer Gave Me a Cheat Code Into Any Woman's Panties...

September 27th, 2022 | 1,602,722 Views

I Was Shocked How Easy It Is To Turn A Woman On... Without Risking Rejection! Here's My Story...

Sanjay used this secret trick to get ANY woman addicted to him...

Hi, I'm Brian and I work as a web developer in Omaha, Nebraska. You know, one of those cities most people hardly ever visit.

Anyways, I make decent money, my family thinks I'm a nice guy, and I treat women like queens.

But despite all these great qualities, all the girls I like, end up going home with jerks or "bad boys".

And I'm just not one of those super-aggressive guys who can hit on any girl he wants.

I've tried online dating sites like Tinder or OkCupid, but it seems like you've gotta be a 20-year-old with a six-pack if you want have any success there.

That's not me.

I'm not fat or anything but the only six-pack I have is cold-filtered and sitting in my fridge.

I've been in a long-term relationship before but the girl broke up with me for being a bit too clingy. To be honest, I was shocked that she actually wanted to be my girlfriend in the first place!

I was the classic 'nice guy' who did EVERYTHING to keep her happy... & she still dumped me!

Anyway, don't worry, this isn't going to be some sob story about a guy who can't get laid-there is a silver lining. But I only discovered it after I smuggled this weird video from this guy Sanjay in Accounting.

Sanjay's trick is 100% legal and practically forces women to chase him

Let me tell you about Sanjay: if there's anybody in the world I'd think doing worse with women than me... it's this guy.

He's about 5'3", dresses like your grandfather, and has a lisp. All the girls say he smells like old green curry, and they treat him that way too... Like the plague because he's officially hit on every available woman in the office, and they've all turned him down.

A real sad sack this guy was...

And I say 'was' because everything changed last Wednesday when Sanjay came parading through the office with the confidence of a conqueror. He had a smile that said, "I have a secret... and I really want to say something about it but I won't."

So I asked him, "Hey Sanj, what's your secret?"

Without words, he walked over and began swiping through photos in his phone. One after another, each picture was him... and... some really attractive woman with or without clothes on.


There was no way this smelly a-hole was actually getting laid by these hot chicks...

I wasn't falling for it.

"Getting really good with Photoshop, huh?"

He shot me a dirty look, and was about to tell me off when IT happened-the moment that changed my dating life forever:

Christy walked into the room.

Now, Christy is the office hottie. All work stops and all eyes get redirected to her body whenever she walks into the room. This time was no different.

All eyes were on her as she slowly sauntered over to where we were sitting, smiled at Sanjay, completely ignored me like I didn't exist, then kissed him firmly on the cheek.

"See you tonight, babe?" she asked, as if there was any doubt. He nodded slightly and sent her off giggling with a light pat on her ass.

He spun around the cheap swivel chair in slow-motion.

"Any more questions?"

"HOW?" I asked. "How did that...how?!"

"Wouldn't you like to know! There's a reason this video is a secret. It's probably not still online anyway... So you're out of luck!"

"Hold on... what video?"

He looked at me with pity, his eyes darting from me to his phone and back to me again.

"f@#k you, Brian, I never liked you." And then he got up and walked away.

If this secret video could make the hottest girl in the office fall in love with Sanjay... it could work for anyone!

For the next few weeks I would see pictures of Sanjay with hot girl after hot girl, new ones that I'd never even seen before. And with every new woman this smelly man had obsessing over him, felt like a dirty serrated knife slashing at my nuts. I would lay in bed at night wondering, "How did this dork from accounting become a bonafide stud by watching a video?"

Well, one lonely Friday night, as I was about to pull up some porn on my laptop, I finally hit my breaking point...

You see, I just couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't spend one more night jacking off to pixels on the computer screen when I know guys like Sanjay were banging girls that could have been supermodels.

I needed to get hold of this video somehow.

That's when - out of desperation - I did something that could have caused me to lose my job...

I went back into the office and logged into Sanjay's computer. I looked through his entire search history. Most of the websites were work related, but there was one website that he went back to during every lunch break, and when I clicked on the link, I knew instantly why...

I sat at Sanjay's desk, my eyes glued to the screen, and that's when i discovered Sanjay's big secret...

He was using a scientific loophole in female psychology to trigger uncontrollable 'take-over-her-mind' attraction in women...

And as I discovered this loophole, I realized how rejection is impossible when you use this strange secret on ANY woman you're attracted to.

In fact, Sanjay had been using this trick on girls from the office that rejected him before - and now he's banging them every night.

Now, I had a few girls in mind I wanted to try this on, so I logged off his computer, and drove to my favorite after-work bar nearby. The first girl I used Sanjay's secret on was Becky, the busty bartender I'd been eyeing for years. I ordered my usual drink and...

What happened next shocked me...

I used the innocent handshake technique I learned from the video. At first, Becky gave me a confused grin and went back to work. I thought I blew it. I was going to order another drink to drown my shame, when Becky walked out from behind the bar and whispered in my ear...

"Meet me in the ladies room. 2 minutes."

I don't have to tell you what happened after that.

Sanjay Girl
Use this innocent trick on a girl you like tonight before it's banned forever

Anyways, after several months of using this "cheat code" to live out my wildest sexual fantasies, I hooked up with a freckled-blonde that's now my girlfriend. She's great.

But now that I understand this secret, I also understand why Sanjay didn't want me to have it.

But now that I understand this secret, I also understand why Sanjay didn't want me to have it.

But f@#k Sanjay! I watched the video, used the simple trick, and it changed my life...

I've got a gorgeous girlfriend that'll do anything for me. To be honest - I'm good.

And that's why I'm sharing this video so other guys can use this secret on a girl they're attracted to like I did.

Listen, I understand the loneliness and sadness guys like you are going through. So here's that same video, but watch it now before I have to take it down. I don't want that dickhead Sanjay giving me problems at work... Or find out that I cracked into his computer.

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